Founded in 1946 by Phil E. Ribbeck, under the name of Phil E. Ribbeck General Contractor, Ribbeck Construction Corporation (RCC) is now in its second generation of family ownership and operation.

In 1982 Edward "Buzzy" Ribbeck, the eldest son of Phil E. Ribbeck incorporated the business and began the trek of augmenting the business by exploring broader markets of commercial and industrial work while expanding the customer base already formed. Buzzy Ribbeck continues to lead the company's tradition of excellence, quality, value and client satisfaction, based on the core values of its founder.

Under Buzzy's leadership, RCC has performed work in 26 states across the country as well as work in Puerto Rico and Singapore. The customer base has been expanded as noted (as seen in our client list found under the portfolio tab on the main page).

Today, Ribbeck Construction Corporation maintains a healthy balance of design build, negotiated and open bid work in both the public and private sectors. Our work typically includes construction and/or renovation of commercial, educational, medical, retail, erection of jet blast deflectors and light industrial work.


Our mission is to provide quality construction and/or renovation of building structures at a competitive and profitable price while meeting our client's requirements. We will accomplish this in a timely, safe, efficient, ethical, and innovative manner by strategically planning our methods and procedures synergistically.
It is our belief that provided the opportunity, we will be the best:

- by using the proper tools - through good work environment
- teamwork, superior service, ethical behavior, education and training at all levels
- omission of waste
- innovative thinking
- hard work
- traditional values
- sacrifice, and a commitment by all to share our goal: to be the best

This company has committed itself to continuous improvement in order to provide the highest humanly possible quality in all that it produces, through teamwork, in a safe, professional manner. We will provide this by partnering with our customers that purchase our services, and subcontractors, designers, and suppliers that share the same commitments. Following through with our commitments will ensure our existence in the future, and solidify our company's position as a leader in our industry regarding our customers and associates. A constant commitment to quality is an obligation and responsibility of each and every employee of Ribbeck Construction Corporation. We will not stand for second best.


By following through with our commitments to our mission through our beliefs and values, we will become a leader in our field through structured, planned, and continuous growth to remain effective, efficient, and responsive.


RCC believes that provided the opportunity and the proper work environment, innovative thinking, our guidance, teamwork, superior service, ethical behavior, omission of waste, hard work, traditional values, and a commitment by all to share the goal to be the best, we will be the best.