Lidar Laser Scanner

RCC provides laser scanner services by using the Leica RTC360 high-performance laser scanner. This highly portable and automated equipment efficiently and accurately captures scans to reflect site reality and environments in 3D. We are able to use the scanner to produce as-built drawings of the existing building condition and transfer the model into REVIT.

  • The RTC360 laser scanner captures reality in 3D faster than ever with the automated transfer of data from the site to the office reducing time spent in the field to further maximize productivity.
  • The RTC360 captures high-quality scans that are full of detail and ready to use for projects. The laser scanner is also very precise and precision can be checked on-site.
  • The RTC360 laser scanner registers scans in real time and integrates seamlessly into a 3D model.
  • Scans can be captured in less that 5 minutes
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